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Consider a Non-Traditional Engagement Ring

You Don’t Have to Go for a Diamond

Just give it some thought.

A diamond is a symbol in a traditional engagement ring. That’s all it is, a symbol. There is no law that says you have to have a diamond engagement ring. You are just as married no matter what stone, if any, is in your ring.

If you are planning to get engaged, try thinking outside the box.

engagement ring

If you like the look of diamonds but not the price, consider a simulated diamond. These non-diamonds have come a long way in the past decade or so. Lines like Diamonique and Absolute are so realistic that it’s impossible for the casual observer to tell the difference.

You can exactly what you want for a fraction of the cost with one of these lines. You and your fiancé are the only ones who have to know. There are two tips I would mention about buying a simulated stone for an engagement ring, and they both apply to the groom. If you are the groom, you should probably not be the one to suggest a simulated diamond.

This is not because it isn’t a great idea. It’s only that it just doesn’t sound right coming from you. Get a female friend or relative to suggest it to the bride, and then act like it was her idea.

The second tip is that under no circumstances should you buy a simulated diamond and lead your bride to believe that it is real. She might never find out, but she might. And if she does, you will be in real trouble.

Many gemstones are just as pretty, if not prettier, than a diamond. Emeralds, sapphires, garnets, rubies and other stones make beautiful rings. Some brides don’t like the idea of a diamond because of the social issues surrounding diamond mining.

Some brides would rather have a beautiful ring featuring their birthstones or other beautiful stones. Take a look at what is out there before you decide that you have to use a diamond for your engagement ring.

A third way to get an inexpensive, beautiful and meaningful engagement ring is to use a family ring. Talk to your parents and find out if there are any antique rings in your family and if you would be able to use them. A grandmother’s ring or another ring from your family makes a lovely statement at your wedding.

These are just three ways to find a non-traditional and often less expensive engagement ring. Remember that your love is the meaningful part of your wedding. The ring is simply a symbol of your love, but in the end it’s just a thing. The love you share is what is real and what will remain.

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